Saaga´s Christmas Buffet 1.-20.12.2017

Genuine flavours from Lapland´s nature

At Lappish Restaurant Saaga you will find the magic atmosphere and flavours of Lapland in the middle of Helsinki. Pristine northern nature creates a perfect place for wildlife and flora to flourish, so we use only pure Lappish and Finnish natural products.

Saaga’s Lappish Christmas buffet is available until 20.12.
Mon-Fri at 12–23 & Sat at 16–23

Saaga´s Lappish Christmas Buffet 55,00/person

Baltic herring marinated with mulled wine spices (L,G)
Herring with red onion and hacked egg (L,G)
Warm-smoked lake salmon and cucumber with spruce shoot (L,G)
Arctic char pâté and fennel (L)
Beetroot graved whitefish and sour cream (L,G)
Fish roe mousse (L,G) and rye chips (L)
Game pâté and cranberry jelly (L)
Smoke-cured Finish rump steak of elk with rosemary pesto (L,G)
Yellow carrot salad and carrot mousse (L,G)
Wild forest mushroom salad with herbs (L,G)
Salad of Lappish squeaky cheese and apple with cloudberry vinaigrette (LL,G)
Carrot and black salsify terrine with rowanberry (L)
Boiled potatoes and dill butter (L,G)
Saaga’s Christmas bread (L) and country bread (L)
Whipped churned butter (LL,G) and cream cheese with allspice (L,G)
Traditional sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, mashed lingonberries and pickled cucumber (L,G)
Spicy Christmas sausages and red cabbage stew (L,G)
Glow-fried salmon, root vegetables and porcini mushroom sauce (L,G)
Mulled wine spiced crowberry Christmas log “Bûche de Noël” (L,G)
Cloudberry and caramel cake (L)
Warm lingonberry and apple rye crumble with salty liquorice caramel sauce (L,G)
Assortment of Finnish cheeses with jams (L,G)
Christmas chocolates and sweets
Gingerbreads and Finnish Christmas puff pastries

L = lactose free, LL = low lactose, G = gluten free
Vegetarian main course available by pre-order.

Saaga’s Lappish Christmas buffet is available
11-20 December also at lunch: Mon-Fri at 12–23 & Sat at 16–23

Saaga's Lappish Christmas Buffet pdf>>

Booking terms
- The number of people is to be informed at the latest 14 days before the occasion.
- Three work days before the occasion the number of people can be changed by maximum +/- 10 %.
If the decrease of the number of participants is announced later than three days before the occasion or not at all, the restaurant is justified to charge the beforehand ordered services according to the number of participants last informed.
- Christmas lunches and dinners are to be paid in the restaurant. If agreed in advance with our sales office, companies can be invoiced afterwards (invoicing fee is 10,00).