Saaga´s Christmas Buffet

Saaga’s original Lappish wooden boat is filled with ice chips and on top of them is gathered wide selection of appetizer delicacies. Welcome to taste new and unique way to enjoy of Christmas lunch or dinner in the middle of Helsinki in magical Lappish atmosphere!

Saaga’s Lappish Christmas buffet is available
30.11.–8.12. evenings: Mon-Fri 18–23, Sat 16-23 &
10.–20.12. also for Mon-Fri lunch 12-23 and Sat 16-23

Christmas Buffet (PDF)>>

Saaga´s Lappish Christmas Buffet 57,00/person

Ägras Gin Herring and rosemary
Vanilla gravad lax from Arctic Ocean and cauliflower snow
Warm smoked whitefish and chive lichen Antibois
Smoked roach mousse, rainbow trout roe and grated dried reindeer meat and puikula potato chips
Sauna smoked ham, sour apple and Saaga’s mustard
Warm smoked liver of reindeer fawn and cranberry crystal
Red-white beetroot and porcini mousse
Egg potato salad with sour cream and dill
Roasted beetroot, rocket and horseradish crème
Wild mushroom pâté and rowanberry syrup
Fresh lettuce, gravad carrot and sour milk vinaigrette
Boiled potatoes with dill butter
Jerusalem artichoke bread and Christmas loaf
Egg butter and buffet without egg

Main course Buffet
Traditional sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, crushed lingonberries and pickled cucumber
Mushroom seitan stew
Glow fried rainbow trout and salmon sausage and smoked fish bone anise sauce
Smoked celeriac and horn chanterelle hash and fresh cucumber salad

Dessert Buffet
Lappish squeaky cheese braised in cloudberry caramel and lingonberry crumble
Rice pudding and mulled wine crowberry sauce
Tiramisu of the river Teno; spice cake, coffee with a kick, cinnamon mousse and blueberries
Gingerbread and Finnish Christmas puff pastries

Drink recommendations:
Korvatunturi’s Glow Mulled wine 9,80 | Quality House wines starting 39,00/plo |
Still and mineral water (1,25 l / 1,5 l) 8,80 | Coffee & tea 4,00 |
Detailed drink recommendations closer to the winter season.