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Christmas Buffet on iced boat

Lappish magic in the center of Helsinki!

Saaga’s genuine Lappish wooden boat is filled with ice chips and on top of them are gathered season’s best homemade delicacies.
The Lappish Christmas buffet together with Saaga’s atmospheric Lapland milieu create a unique setting for Christmas meals in the middle of Helsinki

The Christmas Buffet at Saaga is served during 23.11-4.12. Tue-Sat 17-23 and
during 7.-22.12. Tue-Fri 12-23, Sat 17-23.

Saaga is open for Chrismas Lunches starting 7 December Tue-Fri 12-23, on Saturdays for dinner 17-23

Christmas Buffet is served 23. November– 22. December 2021
- make your table reservation online.


Garden angelica marinated shrimps D,G,N

Cranberry graved salmon from Arctic Ocean D,G,N

Smoked rainbow trout with smoked dill dressing L,G,N

Rainbow trout roe mousse, and crumbled rye bread L,N

Char grilled Baltic herring, and horseradish sauce L,G,N

Juniper flavoured reindeer roast with raspberry syrup L,G,N

Smokes reindeer neck, and juiced sea buckthorn D,G,N

Roasted root vegetables, and glögg dressing L,G,N

Wild mushroom salad with sour cream L,G,N

Smoked onion terrine with whitefish roe L,G,N
served with rowanberry syrup L,G,N

Fresh lettuce, and lingonberry vinaigrette D,G,N

Boiled potatoes with dill butter L,G,N

Saaga’s flat potato bread L,N and Christmas loaf L,N

Main Courses

Slow braised sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, crushed lingonberries, and pickled cucumber L,G,N

Grilled rainbow trout, spruce shoot butter sauce, and root vegetable gratin L,G,N

Hasselback pumpkin, Lappish squeaky cheese sauce, and beetroot pesto N


Ginger biscuit cheesecake LL

Lappish squeaky cheese braised in cinnamon cream with cloudberries L,N

Iced cranberries with crowberry caramel sauce L,G,N

Cranberry white chocolates

Christmassy cinnamon roly-poly cake L

Coffee and tea

Price: 57,00 per person

D=Dairy free L=Lactose free
(L) =Lactose free available N=Nut free G=Gluten free
Rights for changes reserved.

Welcome - Buresboahtin!

Booking Terms
The number of people is to be informed at the latest 14 days before the occasion.
Three workdays before the occasion the number of people can be changed by maximum +/- 10%.
If the decrease of the number of participants is announced or not at all,
the restaurant is entitled to charge the ordered services according to the number of participants last informed.
Christmas lunches and dinners are to be paid in the restaurant.
By pre-arrangement with sales office company invoicing is possible (invoicing fee 10,00).
Booking and cancellation terms enclosed.

Location and parking
Restaurant Saaga is located on the Street Bulevardi opposite to the Alexander Theatre and near the Hietalahti market square.
Parking near Saaga: Alexander Theater and Hietalahti Market. Saaga is easily reached by public transport (e.g. tram line 6).

Welcome to enjoy the pure Lappish flavours together with magical Christmas atmosphere!