FIMBA 2019

Totally unique in Helsinki!

Saaga’s original Lappish wooden boat is filled with ice chips and on top of them is gathered a real fisherman’s catch. This plentiful appetizer selection includes a variety of fish delicacies and accompaniments. Main course will be served to the table.

Plentiful appetizer buffet
^ * ^ * ^ *
Traditional sautéed reindeer served in a cast iron pot
mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingonberries
Sautéed broad beans (vegetarian dish)
mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingonberries
^ * ^ * ^ *
Lappish cheese braised in cloudberry cream with crumble

50,00 eur/person

(Other main courses also available; Lappish fish +5,00 eur or Reindeer fillet +12,00 eur)

Lappish Restaurant Saaga - Bulevardi 36, 00120 Helsinki

Reservations: Tel. +358 9 7425 5544 or by booking form Kindly mention: "FIMBA2019"
Rights for changes reserved.