• Suomeksi

Boat filled with the best delicacies of Northern waters

Lappish magic in the center of Helsinki!

Saaga’s original Lappish wooden boat filled with ice chips is set with a real fisherman’s catch.
The plentiful appetizer selection includes a variety of fish delicacies and accompaniments.
The price of the Fish Buffet includes a delicious dessert of your choice.
You can complete your menu with a table served main course of your choice.

Fish Buffet on ice-filled wooden boat

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Fish Buffet and dessert, when ordering main course 29,00
Only Fish Buffet and dessert 34,00

Special offer prices valid on Tue-Fri during 8.2.-10.3.2023
Fish Buffet and dessert, when ordering main course 22,00
Only Fish Buffet and dessert 28,00

Smoked nettle flavored shrimps D,G
Pike skagen with seaweed D,G
Smoked rainbow trout and apple nettle compote D,G
Lingonberry graved salmon from Bothnian Bay D,G
with dill cream L,G
Smoked perch mousse and citrus salad D,G
Wild chive Baltic herring with crumbled oat D,(G)
Spelt salad with yellow beet hummus D
Potato salad and common yarrow pesto L,G
Strawberry field honey roasted beetroot D,G
Forest mushroom salad with sour cream L,G
Selected lettuce, lingonberry vinaigrette M,G
Boiled potatoes with melted butter L,G
Saaga’s flat bread L churned butter L,G

Dessert options:
(included in the price of the fish buffet)

Crème caramel,
oven baked apple compote, and cranberry ice cream L,G
Lappish squeaky cheese braised in cinnamon cream,
and cloudberries LL,G

You can complete your menu with a table served main course of your choice.

Warm main courses

Sautéed reindeer
mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber,
and lingonberries L,G
+ 26,50

Char grilled Arctic char
smoked Jerusalem artichoke, and funnel chanterelle sauce L,G
+ 31,90

Grilled topside roast of reindeer
roasted Puikula potatoes, and dark thyme sauce L,G
+ 31,50

Porcini mushroom puikula potato pancake
grilled leek, and garden Angelica pesto L
+ 24,00

From groups over 12 persons we prefer same menu choice or at least
the numbers of main courses and desserts in advance.

Have you ever tasted bear?
50g of slow-braised bear meat
in braising stock served in a wooden Kuksa cup D,G,N
+ 17,00
(tasting size portion)

D=Dairy free L=Lactose free (L) =Lactose free available
LL= Low Lactose G=Gluten free (G)=Gluten free available
Rights for changes reserved.

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