Saaga’s Unique Fish Buffet
in a Wooden Boat

Completely new and totally unique in Helsinki

Saaga’s original Lappish wooden boat is filled with ice chips and on top of them is gathered a real fisherman’s catch. This plentiful appetizer selection includes a variety of fish delicacies and accompaniments. For a bigger hunger you may complete your menu with a table served main course of your choice.
The price of the starter buffet includes dessert.

This menu is valid until 29th of November

Saaga's menu languages are English, Svenska, Deutsch,
mеню на русском языке, 中文菜單, 日本のメニュー

26,00 = Fish buffet and dessert,
when you complete your menu with a main course

32,00 = Fish buffet and dessert

Juniper smoked rainbow trout and marinated cucumber
Sea buckthorn flavoured whitefish ceviche and cauliflower snow
Ash salt gravad lax from Gulf of Bothnia and horseradish mayonnaise
Northern pike-yoghurt mousse and nettle crisp bread
Crispy fried vendace, lingonberries and picked onion
Blue mussels flavoured with spruce resin and chervil
Black currant Baltic herring
Whole shrimps and garden angelica vinaigrette
Cloudberry and Lappish squeaky cheese salad
Creamy wild mushroom salad
Clear potato radish salad with snow crab
Saaga’s barley flat bread, Lappish loaf bread and churned butter
Boiled potatoes and melted butter with dill

Cloudberry panna cotta with liquorice lichen meringue

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Main courses:
Traditional sautéed reindeer served in a cast iron pot
mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingonberries + 24,00

Sautéed broad beans (vegetarian dish)
mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingonberries + 22,00

Mildly smoked whitefish from Inari
char-grilled little gem salad, parsley root and creamed morels + 28,00

Roasted reindeer fillet
pickled forest mushrooms, mushroom purée,
Puikula potato croquette and spruce shoot flavoured Bearnaise sauce +39,00

Have you ever tasted bear? Now there’s an excellent chance!

50 g of slow-braised bear meat in braising stock
served in a wooden Kuksa cup +15,00
Tasting size portion.